A Day at Harvesters

harvesters day

What a great day! Thanks to all of you who participated in our chili drive, we were able to donate 50 pounds of food to Harvesters yesterday! As a team, we volunteered at the Harvesters warehouse to sort and package bread. Because bread can have such a short shelf life, it’s important for the bread to get sorted and boxed up for distribution right away. Man – there was a lot of bread! We felt very accomplished when we left, but there were still towers and towers of bread racks. In addition to our volunteer activities, we were given a tour of the Harvesters facility. It was amazing to see. There was SO much food, yet we were told that if the donations stopped today, the food would only last about 6 weeks. Definitely something to make you think and appreciate what you have.

To end our day, we came back to the office for some yummy chili!!

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