Client Services

Amelia Reynolds

Amelia is an experienced professional with over a decade of accounting, finance and management experience under her belt. She started gaining experience while in college, already hard at work at a local small business working alongside the owner managing many aspects of their accounting, including tax preparation, budget reconciliation and financial reports.


Amid the course of her Fortiviti career, Amelia has held various positions, including Staff Accountant, Controller and Director of Client Operations, and CFO. She eventually landed back at Controller because of the positions work load and its processes.


When she's not working, Amelia enjoys photography, fishing for catfish, and hunting. She also loves working on her and her husband's 76-acre farm and practicing her archery in the backyard or from the tree stand. They're son, Randy, is a fast moving toddler with his hands in everything and loves his new baby sister, Ellie! Their pet cow Moo is thrilled to be a big brother.

Long Story Short


Graduated with Bachelor's Degree in Business Accounting from Baker University

2006 - 2008

Office Manager at Countryside Lawn & Landscape, LLC

2008 - 2014

Accountant at Poole Fire Protection, Inc


Staff Accountant at Fortiviti

2014 - Present

Promoted to Controller at Fortiviti