Dylan is a senior at Olathe South High School, currently enrolled in the Business Finance academy. This interest in business was sparked by exposure to his parents' involvement in real estate, and further piqued by the engaging curriculum and exciting travel opportunities offered by the academy. Dylan found the coursework in business accounting to be not only educational but also remarkably calming. Looking ahead, Dylan aspires to continue his education at either the University of Chicago or NYU, drawn to these institutions by their excellent statistics and renowned chemistry programs. His preference for urban environments and a love for winter weather serve as additional incentives for considering these institutions.


In addition to his academic pursuits, Dylan has gained valuable work experience at Wendy's and in a warehouse setting. He also dedicates his time to volunteer work, particularly at a local food bank and shelter, inspired by a friend's mother who works in this field.


Within his family dynamic, Dylan holds the middle child position, with an older brother, younger sister, and a cousin from El Salvador currently residing with them. In their household, they share their space with two devoted parents, a beloved miniature poodle named Lucy, and the vibrant energy of recreational sports, namely volleyball and soccer, which he enjoys playing with friends on the weekends. Outside of sports, Dylan has a keen interest in photography, focusing primarily on capturing the beauty of natural landscapes and environmental elements.