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Are you an enthusiastic individual with a passion for entrepreneurship & small business? Check out our career opportunities and apply now to join our team!

Fortiviti Works with Entrepreneurs as an Outsourced Accounting Department/Back Office Function

We handle all of the business side of doing business – the compliance and paperwork and accounting needed to run a business, freeing our clients from the chores they can’t stand, so they can pursue the work they love.

For most of our clients, this includes facilitation of all facets of their accounting and administrative function, including invoicing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, contract management, employee management, benefits management, record-keeping, and financial analysis. Our client teams typically consist of a controller and one or more staff accountants. Each team will have its own client base of approximately 10-15 clients.

Fortiviti is a Fresh Approach to Accounting

Traditional accountants often keep their heads down and focus strictly on the work in front of them. Fortiviti likes to hire people who also can “think like a business owner” and solve problems with clients—and possibly uncover issues the clients didn’t know they had.

Fortiviti looks for team members with an enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and helping others. We care about our team, our clients, and our community and we want team members who feel the same.

Current Openings