Giving Back: Random Acts of Kindness

For the month of December, our staff has made a commitment to do as many random acts of kindness as possible. During the holiday season, and all year round, there are many ways to help someone in need or to just show you care. Some acts require time and some are financial, but they all can have a big impact. A few examples of how we have spread some Christmas joy so far this month:

  • Deliver meals on wheels; learn more about this here.
  • Donate to Toys For Tots. Sometimes you don’t even need to go shopping for this one. Look at home to see what birthday party gifts your kids received and never even opened. It’s a great opportunity to talk to your kids about those in need and how their donation could mean the world to a child on Christmas morning. Learn more about Toys For Tots here.
  • Adopt a child or a family through a local organization. You can learn more about our November give back to KVC Kansas here. There are many other opportunities in the community as well, such as Salvation Army. One staff member had a gently used bike her son had used. It was cleaned up like new for a 5 year old that had a bike at the top of his wish list. The organization collecting the donation was so grateful!
  • Bake cookies or candy for co-workers, neighbors, friends, or clients. Holiday treats are always welcome!
  • Bring a warm drink to a Salvation Army bell ringer, the school crossing guard or anyone else giving their time in the cold.
  • Next time you make your morning stop for your favorite beverage, pay for the person behind you. They will will love the surprise when they pull forward to pay and maybe it will inspire them to pay it forward!

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