Leaders are Readers

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It’s been said by many, that Leaders are Readers. Harry S. Truman may have been the first, but he was not the last. Personally, I love reading, but find that unless I make it a priority and commit to it, a year will go by and I cannot name one book that I have read. One thing that has made it easier for me to read more is to have an ongoing book list. Every time I hear of a book that sounds interesting or someone suggests a book to me, I add it to my list (a note I keep in Evernote). I have a “fun” list and a “business” list – though some are interchangeable.

Another way I have scheduled reading into life is by creating a book club at Fortiviti. Each month we’re looking at the “business” list and selecting one book to read. This gives us a deadline and a purpose for reading at least one book per month, and also gives us something to do and discuss as a team. In addition to our business books, we threw in a fun one for October – Gone Girl just came out in theaters, so we’re reading that as a team this month (and we’ll be doing our review at the theater).

If it’s hard for you to find time for reading, but you really want to get to your list, try listening instead. I have gotten through more books in the last 2 months because I downloaded the Audible app (there are others I’m sure) and listen to books in my car. Even if you are only in your car 30 minutes a day, you can get through a lot of books, without setting aside any additional time.

Books that have been on my list (some I have read, some not yet):

For Fun