Surviving the Global Pandemic

We’re back!  We’ve missed you!  There is one primary reason we have been quiet on the Fortiviti blog this last year…SURVIVAL.  We are now a year and a half into this this pandemic and we’re just starting to get our heads above water.  Running a business in a “normal” year is no easy feat, but during a pandemic…

Still, we feel lucky.  Some have lost loved ones, some have lost livelihoods, some have lost everything.  Us, we’re still here, we’ve just lost a lot of sleep!


As a back-office for our clients, the effects of COVID-19 have had a significant impact on our services.  Our workload for existing clients more than doubled over the last year, while our revenue declined for those same clients due to reductions in their business.  We had to figure out how to provide the same service level our clients have become accustomed to, with less staff and more work.  Between EIDL Advances, PPP Loans, EIDL Loans, Unemployment Claims, Grants, ERC Credits, Re-Budgeting, Cash Flow Planning, More PPP Loans, Increased EIDL Loans, More Re-Budgeting, our team has put in nearly 30,000 hours related to COVID.  And, we’re a small team! 


Our primary core value has always been – “Do the Extras”.  While much has changed in our business over the last 13 years, this has not.  In 2020, that core value took on a whole new meaning.  We have continually operated as more than just an accounting solution to our clients and 2020 further reinforced that.


So, I want to say thank you. 

“Thank you to our clients who have been patient with us as we have navigated these new waters, learned so many new things, and worked to provide you with Fortiviti-level service with limited staff.”

“Thank you to our team. They have put in many late nights and weekends, been put in stressful situations, worried about our clients and their fellow team members.”

“Thank you to the consumers.  Those who have continued to buy and support the businesses you love so much.”

“Thank you to the philanthropists for giving back and helping those in need during their times of need.”

It truly has been one of the hardest, yet also satisfying years (+) in business for myself and Fortiviti, so “Thank You.”


2020 and 2021 by the Numbers:

  • $9,897,114 in PPP loans processed
  • 2,884 Unemployment Claims Processed
  • $2,819,127 in EIDL loans secured and 38 requests for the new EIDL increase
  • $1,243,545 in ERC credits calculated/claimed (and still counting)
  • 102 Grant Applications Processed


Shauna Huntington, Founder and CEO, Fortiviti

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