Understanding Different Personality Types in Your Business

Today when employers are on the search for a new team member, they are not only looking for someone who can do a great job, but who will fit in with their company culture as well. Research has shown that experiences, interests, or education alone are not enough to determine what type of relationships coworkers will have, but rather their personalities. While finding a good fit is important, we all know that you can’t have a successful business having employees who all have the exact same personality type. Below are a few of the many reasons why understanding different personality types is so important in running your business.


Knowing the different personality types of your team can significantly improve communication. Understanding that employee A needs to hear feedback differently than employee B can knowingly reduce misunderstandings. Also, understanding the response that you will receive back from individuals will not be the same based on different personalities. When we understand the person we are communicating with we can better predict how it will go and keep it positive.


Everyone knows that people are all motivated in different ways by different things. Understanding what motivates one person from the next can tremendously help you lead your employees and co-workers based one what you know about their personality.

Improve Productivity

Every individual is productive in their own way. Understanding someone’s personality, how they operate, and their response to being put in different situations can help you determine where they are a best fit in your company and where they will excel the most. If someone is an extrovert and you put them in an office by themselves with no communication required to do their job they likely won’t’ excel because they enjoy talking to people and socializing. Also, understanding what personalities on your team work well together will have you prepared for how to design the team when a project comes up.

Reduction in Turnover

Ultimately, with all of this said, everyone wants to feel understood and feel like they understand others around them. Understanding personalities is a key factor in just understanding each other in general. We all have different experiences in our lives, no matter our personalities. But, when you understand how those around you respond, it’s easier to have compassion and empathy for those you work with and spend so much time with on a daily basis. Having this understating of each other and relationships will ultimately keep employees satisfied longer than many other things employers can provide.

There are many personality assessments and tools you can use to help analyze different personality types.  Which you use is up to you.  It’s most important that you understand there are differences and take steps to get to know the uniqueness of your team and how to best manage and work with them.

Danae Ring, Controller