Excel Shortcuts

Microsoft Excel is a valuable tool but can also be tricky!  There are many shortcuts that can help. Luckily, we have some in-house experts that excel in Excel.

Many of our controllers use a set of shortcuts that help in their work. They can be used to insert or copy formulas, pull data from different sheets, and create custom field lists that show you the information you need the quickest. Utilizing shortcuts to create efficiencies is a must in our work.


Aside from the key shortcuts noted below, a great element of Excel to check out is the ribbon feature. Pressing the Alt key will make boxes with corresponding numbers or letters appear over the functions in the top menu. Completing the commands will take you to the next available step from that point. For example: highlight a cell and press: alt > H > A > C. This centers the text within the cell.

Check out these shortcuts from Microsoft to save some time on your next Excel project.