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Darin Hutton

During his time at Pittsburg State University, Darin pursued a bachelor’s degree in accounting that fueled his passion for numbers. It was through the guidance of an exceptional professor that he discovered his love for the accounting field. After graduating, Darin dedicated himself to working with small businesses, driven by his desire to maintain well-organized financial records. He firmly believes in the shared value that Fortiviti is more than a service provider, striving to empower business owners to achieve profitability in various aspects, not just financially.


 Darin owns a small woodworking business that specializes in creating custom-made furniture. His passion is in crafting tables and bookshelves that are not only functional, but also works of art. In fact, his craftsmanship has appeared in art stores in Lawrence, KS.


 Darin and his wife Annie have been married for over a decade and are proud parents to two children, Matilda, and Harvey. Their family is completed by two lovable cats, Tomba and Dr. House, who is a three-legged wonder. Whenever they have free time, they enjoy various activities together, such as exploring nature trails, going on bike rides, and interactive storytelling sessions at the local library. In addition to his passion for numbers and woodworking, Darin is an avid fan of metal music and takes great pride in maintaining a picture-perfect lawn.

Long Story Short


Bachelor's In Accounting at Pittsburg State University


Accountant at InterCity Direct


Accountant at NeuAnalytics


Controller at Next To Nature Landscape


Controller at Fortiviti