Staff Accountant

Leslie Capps

Leslie has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Mid America Nazarene University. Her interest in understanding the various aspects of business led her to work at jobs that had her dabbling in all areas of business, including accounting. After seeing firsthand the value in having proper bookkeeping and accounting processes, her desire to help other businesses succeed with this important function, led her to Fortiviti.


Outside of her job, Leslie is a dog sitter on the App, Rover. At least once a month, she takes care of other people’s dogs, showering them with all the love and attention they deserve while their owners are away.


Leslie enjoys traveling with her young daughter, Abby, across the country to visit family. Hawaii holds a special place in Leslie’s heart because she enjoys exploring the islands and spending quality time with relatives. Describing herself as a laid-back individual, Leslie's favorite way to unwind after a workday is to dive into the suspense of a horror novel or watch a movie with her daughter.

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