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Micheal Glenn

Micheal started his higher education endeavors in the Pre-Med program, earning a chemistry degree from the University of Missouri Kansas City (UMKC). Along the way, he realized the healthcare industry was profit-driven rather than people-oriented, prompting him to pivot his career path. After transferring to the University of Kansas, he pursued a degree in Business Administration, emphasis in Communications. His goal is to tackle and resolve many HR challenges through effective communication, an asset he believes he will provide to all of our clients. 


Outside the professional realm, Micheal is deeply engaged in the LGBTQ+ community, focusing on empowering at-risk youth by facilitating job opportunities or furthering their education.


At home, Micheal and his husband, Ethan, are the proud parents of three dogs and two cats. They have a soft spot for fostering elderly animals, providing them with a loving environment for their twilight years. Gaming is a shared passion for the couple, and they're actively involved in the gaming community. Nature lovers at heart, they make it a point to explore a different national park each year, with the scenic beauty of the Ozarks in southern Missouri being a favorite getaway spot.

Long Story Short

2016 - March 2024

Director of Operations at Staff Management | SMX

March 2024 - Present

HR Manager at Fortiviti