Staff Accountant

Shakira Romero

Shakira Romero earned both a bachelor's and a master’s degree in accounting from UMKC. Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, she developed a strong affinity for the clear-cut nature of accounting, preferring the black-and-white aspect of numbers and in true accountant fashion, loves a checklist. Her journey into accounting solidified when a personality test suggested the profession; she took a class and discovered her passion for it. Shakira was particularly drawn to Fortiviti because of its homey, family-oriented atmosphere, emphasis on women empowerment, and dedication to helping small businesses.


 Shakira is enthusiastic about reconnecting with her love for volunteering through the various opportunities that Fortiviti offers. She values giving back to the community and is excited to get back into the swing of volunteering activities.


 Outside of work, Shakira has a full and vibrant personal life. She owns two Double-headed Yellow Amazon Parrots and three dogs: a Pomeranian, a Blue Heeler, and a German Shepherd. She has an older brother and cherishes her role as an aunt to her nephew, who brings her immense joy. Shakira enjoys movies and books that are written to evoke a strong emotional response, and she maintains an active lifestyle by working out regularly. She also loves exploring new cocktail bars and restaurants around the city!

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