Does Your Business Make You Happy?

Happy Face

Today is the International Day of Happiness. It’s a great day to reflect on the things that make you happy. Your family, your friends, your hobbies, your team, maybe your coffee in the morning or your glass of wine at night. Happiness comes in different forms for everyone. As you contemplate what makes you happy, does your business make the list?

You’ve heard it before. Do what you love. Find what you’re passionate about and make a business out of it. Most businesses, in fact, start out this way. Emeril enjoyed cooking. Henry Ford loved building things. Michael Dell was interested in technology as a young boy. Many of the products and companies we enjoy and rely on today, were born out of a love for the product or cause. However, to continue that love, is a more difficult task.

As your business grows, so do the administrative tasks and operating decisions that accompany it. You hire your first employee and are faced with understanding payroll and benefits. You land your first mega client and you must analyze whether or not you have the infrastructure to support it. You’re offered a lucrative expansion opportunity and you must contemplate the pros and cons of debt and equity financing. You get “big” and have to implement policies and procedures that threaten your start-up culture. It’s no secret, with the business you love come many things you don’t.

You started your company out of a place of love, keep sight of that through your growth.

  • Work with clients who make you (and your staff) happy. Don’t just sign them up for the big payout.
  • Hire people who love your business the way you do. Fire those who don’t.
  • Grow at the pace that works for YOUR business. Don’t worry about what others say you should be doing.
  • When you can hire help, keep doing the things you enjoy. Delegate the rest.

You’re building your dream company. Don’t lose sight of your happiness in the process. And, remember to smile!