Spooky Accounting Stories: Missing an Employee’s Payroll

This month we’re highlighting the spookiest of accounting stories that we hope you never have to experience.  If you think you’re at risk for any of these situations, you may want to consider outsourcing your accounting or payroll.  


Today by the campfire we’ll be talking about missing an employee’s payroll…

As an employer, we know you feel the great responsibility of paying your employees in a timely manner. They are, after all, the reason your company runs day in and day out.  What happens if your business gets in the way and payroll is the last thing on your mind?  Well, if you brought on a new employee, the risk of leaving them out of a pay period could be great.  Think about it, you had a busy month, but a new employee that will take a handful off your plate isn’t in the payroll system yet.  Shoot.  You can’t let them miss their first payroll!  You want to keep them happy because they’ll make your life so much easier!  Not only do you want to keep them happy and feeling secure that you’ll pay them consistently, but the potential legal ramifications are another ballgame.  There are payroll taxes and unemployment insurance to consider, as well.  The point is, missing a payroll is a big deal.  Let the professionals handle it, so it’s one less technical thing for you, as the business owner, to handle. 

Fortiviti handles the full payroll cycle so you can rest easy.  All you need to do as the business owner is let us know when you have a new employee or any employee updates and Fortiviti will handle the rest.  Fortiviti will work directly with the employee to get the necessary information for their tax withholdings, benefits enrollment and any other updates.  When the operations of the business take precedence, as they should, let Fortiviti handle all the components of the payroll process.