Tools: Onspring

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In business, we are constantly looking for tools that will help improve efficiency, provide data to proactively manage operations, assist with the sales cycle, manage projects, and improve communication within our organizations. About a year ago, we implemented Onspring, a tool that can assist in all of these areas.

Onspring Technologies provides powerful process automation software that puts you in control of your business. Onspring offers a variety of flexible, cloud-based solutions that support almost any process within your organization — sales operations, vendor management, internal audit and legal projects, documents and ticketing, and much more. Getting started with Onspring is quick and easy, going from initial design to full implementation within a few days. We have been able to develop a custom task tracking system to manage our operations that has created efficiencies and is adaptable for growth.

Some of the key features and benefits:

  • Quick Setup – No programmers or IT support is required to use Onspring. You define the process and data you want to manage, customize the fields and layout you desire within each App, and begin entering or importing data.
  • Customizable Apps (each form used for data capture) – Onspring offers ready-made apps or you can build your own using a simple, drag-and-drop interface. You can personalize nearly everything you see, including the layouts for data capture, reports, charts, dashboards, email templates and more.
  • Data Management – If you’re managing data in spreadsheets, email or inflexible systems, Onspring can quickly import your data and allow you to design a process and workflow.
  • Reporting – Dashboard views and reports allow you to save time and make business decisions based on real-time data.
  • Internal & External Surveys – You can create and send online surveys in minutes with a point-and-click builder.
  • Security – Onspring’s secure data center is monitored 24/7, user access can be granted or revoked based on relevancy to their role, and reporting allows for a complete audit trail of configuration changes and user activity in the system.
  • Access – Onspring is device and browser neutral which means you can access information anytime or anywhere. It is also mobile friendly so you can use Onspring on your tablet or smartphone too.

As you look for ways to better manage your business in 2015, take a look at Onspring and other business management tools that can add to the efficiency of your organization.